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I am an independent agent – I am not affiliated with any particular insurance agency. As such, I am dedicated to helping you find the best burial insurance plan for your specific needs.

Burial Insurance

Are you considering a burial insurance plan? Are you confused as to what they are? I am here to help answer these questions.What is burial insurance

Getting a better understanding of how a burial protection policy works will allow you to make the best decision on what is best for taking care of your final expenses.

What is Burial Insurance?

Often called  funeral insurance or final expense insurance, burial insurance is Whole Life Insurance.

The obvious purpose of these plans is to cover the costs of the funeral and burial or cremation of a person.  These policies are designed to last the insured’s lifetime.

The face values are much smaller, usually in the range of $50,000 and under.  Age if issue generally starts at age 50. Some carriers will start at a lower age. Maximum age of issue is about 84, but , again, some carriers will go higher while some carriers will only go to age 80.

Make sure you get enough coverage to make sure that your loved ones are not burdened with any financial expenses.

Where do I get a Burial Protection Policy?

You can get these plans for a broker, such as myself. I work with over 25 AM Best A Rated carriers and I can give you a clear picture of what is available on the market place.

At  I am an independent agent who is dedicated to helping you find the best burial insurance plan for your needs.  If you have any questions or  need any help , please give me a call today! My Toll Free number is 1-800-530-9134


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