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Senior Life Insurance

 Senior Life InsuranceLife Insurance for Seniors

Senior life insurance, also known as burial insurance, is an option for individuals, 50  and over,  seeking security and peace of mind.

Most of the people that contact me ,are indeed,  children of parents who have been tasked with finding a plan for their parents. I am addressing this article to them , however, the basic information holds true regardless if you are looking for your own plan.

Here are some reasons to consider discussing a Final Expenses plan today

Pre Plan for Final Wishes

Pre-planning for life insurance saves time and money; many policies allow for better rates if you choose to purchase life insurance earlier. You must also determine what your parents’ final wishes are and it is often better to iron these details out while you still have time. While some  individuals know exactly what they want and have been thinking about their financial situations for some time, others may not be entirely sure, so discussing this information now will ensure that their wishes are met.

By discussing the options ahead of time, you can ensure that everyone involved is comfortable with the final decision.

Get a handle on Expenses Today

End of life expenses can be pricey and can sometimes cost thousands of dollars. Your parents may not like to think that they will burden you with shouldering these expenses, so you can offer them the peace of mind and security that everything will be taken care of.  Life insurance policies will ensure that surviving family members will have adequate financial resources for making final arrangements quickly without any inconvenience.

Additionally, by purchasing life insurance now, you will not need to worry about siblings arguing over the expenses; if you are a sole child, this obviously does not pertain to you. However, in many instances, siblings do not like to have additional expenses thrown at them last minute, disrupting their own families and budgets.

Health and how it affects costs

It is also important to consider that your parents may develop health conditions further down the road; if you purchase a life insurance policy now while they are still healthy, you can often obtain a better rate. On the other hand, if you wait until the last minute while they are in dire health, you can expect to pay more for your premium than what you would have had you bought the policy sooner.

About Senior Life Insurance Plans

Many plans are offered to individuals ages 50 and over and do not require medical exams, although the specific policy and coverage will vary depending on the carrier. Additionally, Final Expense life insurance applications feature straightforward “Yes” and “No” questions. These are also known as Simplified issue plans.

Moreover, the maximum face amounts of life insurance for seniors are typically around $30,000 and they offer an immediate death benefit.

If your parents are not eligible to receive an immediate benefit plan due to health, the insurance provider may offer other sub plans such as a modified or graded whole life insurance policy.

If your parents are in very poor health, the best policy to consider is a guaranteed issue Life Insurance plan.

Why use us?

At Burialexpenseplans.net I am an  insurance broker who specializes in life insurance for seniors. I work with over 30 carriers who deal , specifically , with final expense policies. I can help most individuals find the best plans that fit needs and budgets.

I understand that you may be uncertain about life insurance policies, particularly if this is your first time attempting to purchase a policy, so I make it a point to provide only the best solutions that you can trust.